Wicked Wings

Battered, deep-fried chicken wings seasoned with our own special sauces and spices

Dibs on Ribs

Falls off the bone, rubbed with unique, savory spices and our own tasty, hickory BBQ sauce

Winner Steaks It All

Mouthwatering steaks, marinated and grilled to perfection for a melt-in-your-mouth experience

Potato Salmon Salad

Luscious, grilled salmon fillet, sliced boiled eggs, cucumber, seasoned potatoes on a bed of fresh, crisp Romaine lettuce

Grilled Salmon Steak

Choice salmon cuts fresh off the grill, served with mango salsa and steamed rice

Honey-Glazed Porkchop

Two pieces honey-glazed porkchop, served with macaroni and cheese

Rigatoni in Tomato and White Sauce

Creamy tomato sauce served over rigatoni pasta

Penne Garlic Pesto

Savory, fresh basil sauce cooked in garlic served over penne noodles with juicy, grilled chicken breast

Black Sambo

Smooth, rich creamy layers of chocolate and gelatin in a cup

Brownie ala Mode

Classic vanilla ice cream served atop a delectable brownie square